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We Have Serious Leadership Crisis – Ezekwesili

Ezekwesili BBOG

Former education minister and leader of #BringBackOurGirls(BBOG) group had stated that the nation have serious leadership crises and only people with character can help resolve the nation’s crises.

Ezekwesili who was addressing the members of the BBOG group during their sit-out stated that leadership is about competence, capacity and  above all it is about character.

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She added that  a nation can buy competence and  capacity but can’t buy capacity and explained that  character is the foundation in which competence and capacity can deliver result.

“We have serious leadership crisis, even having an excellent president, it is not sufficient. At the end of the day, you can buy competence, capacity but you can’t buy character. A nation cannot buy character. Character is the foundation in which competence and capacity can deliver result,” she said.

Ezekwesili while speaking on the issue of integrity of the group stated that the movement has continued to stand because it has refuse to source fund outside the group and urged the members to continue to uphold the integrity and honesty they have preached.

“At every point in time, we must weigh ourselves. We try to live a life of character. When we started this advocacy, I said that if we take money, we will run into crises. I said that we must put everything where our conviction lies and it has worked for us.  Members have sacrificed a lot, their money, time, talent and other things. That’s character. Life is not all about doing something to gain something.

“We should always  have the mind set that if only God need is one person to change the country,  let the one person be you. May we never be found wanting when it comes to character,” she said.

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