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What Recession? See how rich kids in Nigeria spend money flamboyantly (photos)


Just like the rich kids of Russia, UK and US, their Nigerian counterpart are showing all the affluence that is there to flaunt day by day.

The likes of E-money, the CEO of Five Star Music, who was recently tagged Nigeria’s youngest naira billionaire, Malaysian big boy Raymond Hushpuppi, Lagos big boy and owner of Mompha Bureau De Change, Ismaila, and many others, never let any opportunity slide away in showcasing their wealth on Instagram.

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While E-money lives in gold decked house, Ismaila and Hushpuppi are proud owners of numerous Versace and Louboutin collections, which they all showcase every now and then on their different pages. See some photos we got from @Richkidsnaija Instagram account showcasing some of the ways these rich kids and others spend their money, show-off their wealth and subtly say ‘money no be problem’ with their lifestyle.

Billionaire Emeka Okonkwo, known as E-money owns several properties in Lagos which he has kitted out in lavish style

Rapper and designer Bayo Adewale AKA Bnaira is also fond of throwing cash around at parties

Louboutin trainers are hugely popular among Nigeria’s wealthiest shoppers. Here is Hushpuppi showcasing his collection

Mompha boasted that his shoes are Louboutins and that he has ‘lots of them like coupons’

Noble Igwe posing right in front of a new Mercedes car on his wedding day

Ismaila Mompha poses with a tiger

Ismaila Mompha strikes a pose at the Eiffel Tower

Ismaila Mompha with some wads of cash

Hushpuppi shared this photo and wrote “Just Put Almost a Millie Naira (A Piece) on My New Versace Palazzo Empire Bag, So I Can Body Bag All Them Dusty Niggas #Versace”

Hushpuppi’s wristwatch and wallet

Hushpuppi and his Gucci bags

E-money shared this picture looking all dapper in his agbada with some inspirational words for the week

E-money in his golden house

..when you are rich, you are large!

Oyo governor’s daughter, Abisola Kola-Daisi shows off her detailed designer shoes and outift

Oyo governor’s daughter, Abisola Kola-Daisi

Abisola Kola-Daisi rocking a £2,940 (N1.5M) Miu Miu Embellished Printed Twill Mini Dress.

See E-money using spraying machine at  a party below:

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