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Xenophobic attacks in South Africa


There is no free lunch in international relations. It’s give and take. Nigeria’s foreign policy formulators should REVIEW and REVISIT Africa as the centre point of our foreign Policy if decades of such brotherhood and love are not shared by other African states.

South African whites are less than 10 per cent of their population but control at least 85 per cent of their wealth. I am sure that other white nationals control the rest with African immigrants with less than one per cent. Does it mean that South African youths are unable to locate the imperialistic roots of their problems? This is misplaced anger, they are obviously knocking on the wrong doors.

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But I do not blame them because successive Nigerian governments have succumbed to this Africa brotherhood as if we are Father Christmas. Who will remind these rampaging South African youths of the roles Nigeria played in their fight for freedom? Only our retaliatory actions will answer those questions. I sincerely urge our government to sit up and dust many books on retaliatory responses and begin to apply them without further delay.

In the pursuit of national interests, every option is fair. Our nationals are being killed like rats on the streets of South Africa, it’s our actions that will inevitably make the South African Government sit up because of the damage we can also cause, AT WILL.

Ikenga Mayor Eze,

Orlu, Imo State

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